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Checklist for Venture Capital Scheme

S.No Checklist
1 Promoter's request letter addressed to the Managing Director, SFAC, New Delhi, on original letter head of firm/company.
2 Sanction letter of Sanctioning authority addressed to recommending branch.
3 Bank's approved Appraisal/Process note bearing signature of sanctioning authoritywith terms of sanction of term loan.
4 Up-to-date statement of account of Term loan and Cash Credit (if sanctioned).
5 Equity Certificate:
a). C.A certificate in case of Partnership or Proprietorship.
b). Form-2 (PAS-3), FORM-5 (SH-7) and other documents in lieu of FORM-23 filed with ROC for Company.
6 List of farmers confirmed by promoter and bank.
7 Affidavit of promoters that they have not availed VCA in the past.